Coupons, deals and Online Shopping in 21st Century


Shopping in the 21 st Century has evolved, for the better of course, thanks to the emergence of online shopping. We have been accustomed to ordering items at any time of day and receiving them at our doorstep in less than a week. It is no secret that online shopping has changed the face of retailing forever. Availability of coupons and deals have also made the experience much better but what exactly are coupons? These are computer-generated codes that consist of letters and numbers which consumers can use by entering them into a promotional box on the checkout page or on a site’s shopping cart in order to obtain a discount on their purchases. They can be referred to as either coupon codes, discount codes or promotional codes but for the sake of this article, I will refer to them as simply coupons. Deals are a little bit different for they do not require any code, most of the times these are offers provided by a store for everyone who might be interested and are mostly in terms of sales.


Old vs New way of Couponing


For much of the 20th century, consumers could clip paper coupons out of newspapers, magazines and advertisements and bring it with them to the store while shopping in order to get a discount. Much like every other thing in this 21st century, this has also been digitalized, all you need to do is copy and paste. Consumers benefit a lot from these coupons. They get to spend less than they had originally planned and other times even if they hadn’t planned on spending due to budget issues, coupons provide them with a chance to purchase items at their budget level.

Coupons, Discount and Promo Codes Helps you to Save Money


Some brands sneer at the idea of offering coupons since they seem to only benefit the customer but that is far from the truth. Coupons help out businesses just as much. They are a powerful weapon in a business’ conversion arsenal to drive customer loyalty and customer acquisition but at the same time can also do significant damage to your brand or worse, become unprofitable if used in excess. Even though the only reason for a customer visiting a shopping site would be in order to redeem a coupon, the opportunity will have also led to providing familiarity of the store to the customer. Research has shown that consumers tend to go back to websites they have already visited for whatever reason it may be. Most stores don’t directly offer coupon codes or deals, they use affiliate programs or member-only promotional codes in email newsletters or retail blog posts.

Read how to reedem and use Coupon and Discount Codes

How exactly can one use or apply these coupons? The process is generally similar across all stores but might differ in a few. After copying a coupon code, head on over to the store’s website and select the item which the coupon applies to then add it to your cart. In some cases after the adding the item in your cart, you will get an “add coupon” option. With this you simply click paste on the box and finish the process like you normally would. The other case would be when you don’t get the “add coupon” option when adding the item or items on your cart. This means you may apply your coupon code at the end of the checkout process that is on the final “review order” page where you will be asked to apply coupon just before you click on “submit order”. The process is fairly simple.

I think it is correct to conclude that in a digital age where increasing amounts of advertisements are seen as mere noise, coupons stand out from the crowd by offering real value.


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