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In this 21st century consumers are having the best shopping experience owing it all to online shopping. This has made shopping easy in the sense that it saves on time. Time to go all the way to a store, spend time moving around looking for items then spend some more time going home. Shopping is basically a click away now. Angelus Direct is no stranger to this. This is an online store that is the top resource for the popular Angelus paint, shoe cleaner, shoe care products, sneaker accessories among several other products. It is of no doubt that the best products are those made of the best quality and the long lasting ones and that is exactly what you get at Angelus Direct. I know the hunt for such authentic items can be tough and tiring and that is why I went ahead and did the research for you. If you want to find whether this is true or not (no need to waste time though because it’s true), visit the store’s website today and find out for yourself.



The most popular Angelus Direct product by far is the angelus paint. Now I know that you might probably think all their products are paint related but far from that. The store sells clean and condition products, acrylic finishers, shoe polish and paint additives. They also sell different types of laces such as flat, aglets, flat reflective, luxury leather, rope, thin oval, multi-color rope, boot, XI, SB/foamposite and roshe/future.

The angelus paints didn’t just gain their fame out of nowhere, these paints are the best in the market offering quick dry solutions and also scented so you could even use them in a house that’s occupied and no one will even notice the fresh paint due to the paint smell, but they will notice it thanks to the beauty that will be portrayed. These paints are also offered in several types such as standard, glitterlites, pearlescent, collector edition, metallic and finally neon.

Aside from all that, Angelus Direct also offers two types of dyes, that is leather and suede and also has several accessories such as paint brushes, air brushes, stickers and apparel.



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On the other hand, Angelus Direct also offers referral discounts but they also reserve the right to cancel referral transactions for any actions they may deem as an inappropriate use of their referral system. These actions include referral fraud, creating a website to host fake discounts, using referral system for your own discount and advertising to sell their products.

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The perks of online shopping is when the goods will arrive at your doorstep. At angelus direct, it all depends on one of three things, the shipping method chosen, your location and whether or not you chose the Rush Processing. The store provides up to 7 shipping methods to choose from and it all depends on your convenience. One thing is for certain though, the farther east you are, the longer your product will arrive because Angelus Direct main store is located in South America. You could also choose Rush processing as your shipping method, it will definitely cost you a bit more than the regular shipping methods but it is way faster than the other methods so spending a bit more is definitely worth it and who knows, you might just get an angelus direct coupon code from CoupoNimismfor that.

When it comes to payment, Angelus Direct accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA and PayPal. The store does not however accept any pre-paid cards.


Now you have absolutely no reason to not shop at Angelus Direct. If you don’t want to go for anything other than the best, then Angelus Direct is exactly where you should be headed. Visit the store’s website today!